AWS Network Engineering contact?

I have a direct connect via Coresite LA1 over to AWS via US West 1,
and a customer with VPC's in the east that are getting really bad
throughput transferring files via the direct connect. We've isolated
it to being an issue behind AWS's PE over a barely utilized 10G XC.

Would anyone happen to know what the right starting point to contact
someone in AWS Network Engineering? We can replicate the issue at
will. Current discussions are to see if we can get anywhere with AWS
Network folks, or potentially go rebuild the direct connect / VPC's
over in US West 1 to bypass most of the cross-country AWS backbone,
but that's a fair amount of work to *maybe* resolve the issue?


If you have Direct Connects you should be able to log a ticket in the AWS console, no? And/or the customer with the AWS VPCs should be able to? That seems like the most logical starting point, yea?

Log a ticket in the console. No one will help you until the ticket is in. Contact your TAM if you have one and give them the ticket number.