AWS hosted sites like slack unreachable

Hi Nanog,

We are seeing this weird issue in one part of the network. Customers in one public subnet are not able to reach certain websites suddenly which are hosted in AWS like,

We changed the subnet to new one and issue resolved, after 48 hours, we have the same issue again. We are not AWS customer, so can’t call them, but what are our options?


You didn’t specify anything that would be useful to narrow down the issue (i.e. location, asn, error codes, etc) - We had a somewhat similar issue at DET-IX with routes to us-east-1 and us-east-2 seeing a lot of packet loss, but AWS eventually just de-peered the exchange entirely since it was an issue with their equipment.

We have seen this in our consulting business with a large number of
smaller ISPs both FISP and WISPS

Often it is due to traffic leaving the network they believe to be an attack.

If you let them know the Network Blocks, ASN, etc in an email to they are very responsive.

I would suggest running a simple netflow and see what might be going
outbound to them as well. There is a good chance you will see an
outlier or two in the netflow should it be an abuse issue.

I hope that helps
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I ran into that years ago with AWS. I had a service provider clearing calls for me, and they were hosted on AWS. Kept pushing my service provider to open tickets with AWS. The issue would resolve for a day, then return, etc… There was no permanent resolution offered by AWS. The issue kept re-emerging. I wasn’t a paying customer of AWS, so I had to find another solution.

The solution that I was forced to use was to set up a proxy on another network. I built a virtual server (I used DigitalOcean), set it up to proxy that specific traffic, and I had to bounce all the traffic off of that proxy to get in/out of AWS.

Keep that solution in your back pocket if you don’t get this cleared up.

Good Luck,