AWS GeoDNS and Routing...

If anyone from AWS Networking Engineering is here, it would be great if you could chime in.

I work for a very large search engine, hosted in AWS. Right around Oct 31st/Nov 1st, we noticed a significant change/re-routing of traffic that normally goes to Virginia to either California or Europe. All of our stats and pixel data indicate that approx 6-7% of our us-east-1 inbound traffic (we use Route53, Geo DNS, performance based routing, so lowest latency) was migrated to us-west-1 (Cali) and eu-west-1 (Ireland).

If we used pure Geo-based routing, I could make the argument that there was some major Geo IP database update, but we performance based routing based in lowest latency. I realize that still depends on some data sets, and maybe those data sets got updated, or maybe the traffic was specifically re-routed due to some other kind of transit issue?

This isn’t critical, but its a head scratcher…

John Von Essen