Avalanche botnet takedown

I did some snippage, but I believe I kept to the idea.

:: you seem to want various laws made to control it.


It's a global network. I want to say what country's
laws, but see below. Also, if you want something to
be broken beyond recognition get a government to
regulate it. It'll be a major FAIL.

:: you seem to want the masses to uprise against the
:: "tier 1" folks and force it there.

Actually, I'm not 100% sure even that would do it.

One the masses of the world will not rise up together
for anything, much less that this.

:: you seem to want various governments to band
:: together to form a "law of cyber" coalition


This will never happen. Even if some did band together
others will not and that would create a haven for the
bad people.

:: and for a "you must be this tall to ride the internet"
:: measurement.

No, I never said that. I don't care how tall you are,
or how young or how old or how whatever you are. You
should be able to use the Internet.

I should've been more clear. You didn't understand what
I meant.

But with privledges should come some accountability,
and that is entirely lacking at present.

How will you get a two year kid in Kaaawa, Oahu to obtain
accountability before 'riding' the internet.

:: no one can get a list of everyone on this planet that
:: is allowed to 'play' on the internet.

Correct. And that is a major part of the problem.