AUTORESPONDERS : Gentle Reminder

No, the list is not fine. It should set the Precendence level. Your method
would automatically assume that anyone who BCC'ed you was a mailing list.

That's OK - I don't want to send vacation mail to folks that BBC
me either.

Useful rules (taken from 'man vacation'):
     No message will be sent unless login (or an alias supplied
     using the -a option) is part of either the ``To:'' or ``Cc:''
     headers of the mail. No messages from ``???-REQUEST'',
     ``Postmaster'', ``UUCP'', ``MAILER'', or ``MAILER-DAEMON''
     will be replied to (where these strings are case insensitive)
     nor is a notification sent if a ``Precedence: bulk'' or
     ``Precedence: junk'' line is included in the mail headers.

Anyhow, enough non-operation junk for now. (Andrew Partan)

If you use procmail to filter things, follow the instructions here:

and make sure the line you add is the very last rule. This will avoid any
possibility of bounces to lists. I'm on /usr/bin/vacation now, and it's
kept me from bouncing... Just thought I'd add this nugget, as lots of
places use procmail as the delivery agent, and it can be a pain to set up
in your .procmailrc if you're not familiar with the syntax.