Auth0 geolocation?

Anyone know who Auth0 is using for geolocation services? Have a customer reporting that Auth0, Lowes, Bank of America, and some other sites are reporting their IP in the wrong location. Checked the usual suspects, geolocation providers list, etcetera and they’re all showing in the correct location.


I bet money it’s maxmind.

Apple and Best Buy are other ones that just came up over the weekend, seems to be spread out across an entire /17. Oddly, we’ve had this /17 for close to a year and a half, and this is just popping up…

For those following along at home, it appears that Akamai was the culprit. Didn’t even know they offered geolocation services! Many thanks and much respect to those who reached out off-list.



Is there a publicly available email address/form/etc that we can put on TBW page?

I don’t believe so. Someone was gracious enough to dip the Akamai DB for me… I ended up just emailing after finding the discrepancy, waiting for them to finish processing the changes. There’s gotta be a better way to do this, though!

So the contact helped you but the email to support was the fix? Could you share the sanitized details of what you sent to support?