Attn after mergers please update your contact information

I hate when contact numbers are disconnected. Does anyone have a good
contact for

I'm shocked and amazed :slight_smile:

When you buy, aquire, merge, swap, break-up, split, or leave
providers, PLEASE update the contact information. This effects
providers of all sizes (before and after the merger). P.S. just
because you are a phone company doesn't mean everyone can dial
your 'special' 811-xxxx or 1-800-xxx-xxxx phone number. Have
a plain-old internationally diallable phone number for your

This has been a recorded message....

Right. Thanks Sean.

To any and all:

Normal NOC: 703-506-6845
Toll free NOC: 888-624-8700
NOC FAX: 703-506-1306
Normal Voice: 703-802-0222 ext 3148 for me.