ATT Mobile Outage San Juan, PR 8+ hours, 1 Million out.

Anyone know what is going on, nothing in the English speaking media (not

but reports are that a million + people on ATT in the metro area are
without service for 8+ hours now.

Only reports I have seen are on local media and social media.

Any information is appreciated. If there is a better mailing list please
let me know.

- Javier



Here is the only news story I found in English:

Maybe they didn't pay their bill! (kidding...)

It looks like stopped being updated with outage data in
January 2013?


Haha, wouldn't be surprised if it had something to do with some government
owned infrastructure crashing on a fiber.

Just got my first call of the day from someone there. Looks like it's
starting to come back.

I'm still curious what exactly died.

I saw hardware mentioned, but you could get a plane from Miami there in 2
hours if it was a matter of just swapping out a piece of network gear.

for spanish speakers.

they say it's a "hardware" issue that caused the fault. the story has
almost no other facts in it about the RFO. there. i just read it for



Thanks Todd, I got only the "hardware" info as well.

I would assume it was something more serious than just a simple "hardware"

you mean there's an outage? [sorry]