Att funkyness

Anyone seeing issues with AT&T and DNS resolution? Still troubleshooting, but wanted other input.


What kind of circuit? residential? commercial? DNS server ip's?!/search/AT%26T%20DNS

ATT is having some DNS issues on their backbone. There is currently no ETA
for resolution.

I have ATT DSL at home and the DNS servers ( and
pushed from ATT work fine.


We saw about an hour of funky behavior on one of the outbound mailservers,
trying to get mail to some commercial sites, but that appears to have been
resolved. All good now. I hope.

Yep. 'no servers could be reached' for at least one domain that's hosted
with them that i've come across.

Appears to have been the case for >6 hours as of about 30 minutes ago,
but just retested, fault appears to have cleared.

I followed up with this on the outages@ list. Started clearing up for
us about 3:30PM EDT. However, I don't see any update from AT&T.
Message has been basically the same all day.


Continuing DDOS attack knocked out some DNS servers.

What baffles me is that we have external sources reporting the status
as opposed to the provider. In all fairness there's a list of others
right behind.

Their their status page has been static as a sticky bit & sealed
harder than woodpecker lips.