Atrivo/Intercage: Now Only 1 Upstream

you expect them to apply a null route?

Well, I *have* been talking somewhat idealistically here and
there with this crop of questions, but frankly I thought in the
2 or 3 years I was ignoring the list that the NETWORK OPERATORS
ostensibly in custody of the intertubes would have pulled things
together a little better and grown enough of a pair to firmly
state "this crap stops here and now" and make it happen.

I do see pockets of good progress and research here and there
and have gotten a lot of good feedback from people, but the big
picture [as I watch my logs roll by] is pretty grim. Especially
when the big players don't play at all. I've been around long
enough to have a good idea of what *can* be done, but totally lost
sight of any sensible reason why it *isn't*. Besides quarterly
revenue, which is pretty short-sighted.

Fortunately, I still have the luxury of being able to have my
mailsystems tell cpe-* and pool-* and
c-24-*, along with large swaths of offshore IP
space, to take a powder. Hundreds of times a day. But it's
still their trash flying onto my tiny little lawn, and shouldn't
be my job to sweep up. I mentally extend that picture to the
millions of recipients who possibly aren't able to implement
unusual and/or draconian filtering, and wonder how anybody
ever gets any productive work done.


:slight_smile: Speaking as an observer only, and not as someone who, other than at my
own edge, could make a significant impact on the result.

Seems to me getting that IP space on a bogon list could be enough to make a
serious dent.