Atrivo/Intercage: NO Upstream depeer

I've already put this offer up. I'll be more then happy to meet up at our datacenter and take you through our space.
What I find funny is, your the first one whom participated in the recent reports to actually take up and respond to us.
I've emailed Garth and Jart, and both of them refused to respond.

I emailed both of them requesting the same information they gave to Directi. If they were able to provide Directi with a list of 20,000+ domains from their control that were abusive, why can't they provide US directly with a single 1?

Then, release a joint-statement talking about how the companies need to come together to combat the abusive activities across the net, yet when we extend our hand and open up our network, we don't even get a response!

Directi went from being a "partner in crime" with us to being a great anti-abuse supporting company.. How can YOU claim that WE don't do anything, if you won't report your findings in the first place? Got recent stuff? Why are you willing to give it now that we're OFFLINE? What can we do about it NOW at this very minute?

You tell me when your going to be in San Francisco, and I'll make myself available.

Thank you for your time. Have a great day.

I will do so. Look forward to the tour.


Russell Mitchell wrote: