atm and exchange points.

i'm thinking about getting some aads connectivity, and i'm wondering
if the switch hardware there has enough buffer capacity to deal with a
0-mile ds3/oc3 reliably, or if i should be considering colocating a
switch of my own on-premesis.

anybody have any experience with this?

honor reply-to and i'll summarize to the list later.

Works fine. People are alot further away than a 0 mile local loop in
many cases, and not having any problems.

There is no colo at AADS, BTW.

Ryan Brooks

nicholas harteau wrote:

If you're dealing with with AADS for getting new circuits up, its a
good idea to get your order in now. If you're lucky, this time next
year you may begin your walk-through.

Anyone else having problems with AADS?

The new switches have plenty of buffer space. Here is the breakdown:

DS-3 ports have 8,000 cell buffers.

OC-3c/OC-12c ports share a 512,000 cell buffer with other ports on the same
switch module, which accomodates up to 16 OC-3c's or 4 OC-12c's.

-Mark Cnota