AT&T home DSL IPv6 configuration?

I have some friends and family in various places that have AT&T DSL. At
least one has been upgraded to IPv6 support (I connected my notebook to
his wireless router and was suprised to see I logged into my server over
IPv6). As they tend to ask me for help now and then, I was trying to
see how AT&T configured IPv6 for their residential DSL customers, but I
can't find anything on their site. They only talk about the routers
they sell, and if you don't have one of those, they link to their store
to buy one.

Can anybody tell me how they are configuring their IPv6 setup?

They deploy using 6rd. In other words, they get to deploy IPv6 _again_ in about a few years time.

Basically any router with 6rd support and the knobs in the ui to input their 6rd border relay and you should be good.

It's nice that you can use their border relay from outside the US too.