AT&T DSL Support IVR issue

I'm posting under the assumption that many larger orgs may be involved
with dsl at remote sites and would potentially need vendor support when a
problem occurs with their AT&T adsl.

Since the middle of December 2007 we have been unable to obtain support by
following these steps:

Call AT&T national support line at 1.877.722.3755

Say "no"
Enter <DSL Line#> on keypad
Say "tech support"
Say "no"
Say "yes"
Say "Connection Problem"

At this point the IVR reports that it will transfer to a customer support
rep....followed by a pause...Followed by this announcement: "You've
reached a non-working number at teletech. Please hang up and try your call
again." Then it hangs up.

Just today, after a month of contacting AT&T and being told we were crazy
at multiple levels we may have someone who can help but we're interested
if anyone at other locations in the U.S. has experienced the same issue.

Yes, it would be great if the system could be changed to support keypad
phone tree entry in addition or instead of voice input. kthx

O yes, calling sales to get support did the trick.