Asymmetric Routing


  This is misleading at best...

  >From Fri Oct 20 15:19:42 1995
  >From: Sean Doran <>
  >Subject: Re: Asymmetric Routing
  >Message-Id: <>
  >Date: Fri, 20 Oct 1995 14:22:35 -0400
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  >> Analysis of some of our routes shows the potential for asymmetric
  >> routing...that is...the transmit path will be different than the return path
  >> for packets.
  >Asymmetry has been a reality for quite some time now; in fact
  >it was happening during the NSFNET backbone service days,
  >since the information in the PRDB was often in a shambles.
  Not surprisingly, the PRDB was as good as the information
  which was submitted by customers of the NSFNET BNS, though
  there was a lot of checking done to try to proactively catch
  mistakes. As someone who was working with/supporting the
  NSFNET configuration process, I do not know of other customers
  claiming that "the PRDB was often in a shambles" via phone, email,
  or third-party reports.
  > Sean.

  Steve Richardson, Merit