ASN registry?


ARIN only handles the ASNs for North and South America, and the southern half of Africa. And has the records for most of the historical stuff from when before APNIC and RIPE NCC existed.

Simple rule, if it isn't at ARIN, check APNIC and RIPE NCC databases. Telstra is in Australia, Australia is in the AP region, therefore not finding the entry in ARIN's db would sort of suggest to check APNIC next.

Note that the delegation records for some of the ASNs assigned before APNIC and the RIPE NCC existed have been moved to the latter databases. Telstra is but one example. (I agree it might be more helpful if a query on displayed a message saying "go look at" rather than saying "No match".)


ARIN is in the midst of a process to move the pre-existing ASNs to RIPE and APNIC. See:

Interesting is that AS1221 is not listed on that page.


AS1851 is correctly redirected so I suspect that someone at ARIN just forgot the pointer for AS1221.