ASN lookup tool

Hey Guys,

We just launch out our new ASN/IP/IPv6 lookup tool, let us know if there's
any feedback, we know there's still some small bugs in the middle, we are
still work on the bugs and new features, this is just a beta version, I
hope you guys can find it useful.

Get more than 700 unique user check out our new tool, and also get some
feedbacks about API access and IRR record.

For the API part, we may add it in the future if we have enough people want
to access or use it, pretty much will be a restful with json format output,
so far we don't plan to do anything with whois format output.

For the IRR record, we just added IRR for the ASN, we are using
RADB/LEVEL3/ARIN/RIPE/NTT/ALTDB right now, and we may add IRR for the IP
blocks in the future, right now no plan to do that yet.