ASN database files from LACNIC or AFRINIC?


I am currently looking for ASN databases from LACNIC and AFRINIC
the same way they are provided at

I've traversed their respective ftp.[lacnic|afrinic].net servers
to no avail. I would appreciate any hints where to download this
data if it exists.

NB: we do know that looking up from a dowloaded file might
not be up-to-date anymore the older the file gets. However, the
application usually does more lookups than the online queries
permit us to do. We will keep this updated asynchronously.

Thanks, andreas has IP
space and ASN allocations. ASN lines look like this:


They mirror similar information from other RIRs:

My guess is the other RIRs mirror LACNIC's info as well... and it
would be nice to have an all merged delegated-latest, wouldn't it ?
I'll try to find one, or ask LACNIC folks if they can do one.


Hi, has IP
space and ASN allocations. ASN lines look like this:



I found that one, but this is less helpful for what I need. I'd like
to get a db record that has the AS number and the AS name. You know,
for pretty printing things to screen in reports I was asked to name
things with a name and not a number.

If they instead had
that would be great and I could adjust the parser. Well, we might have
to settle for telling in which country the AS is allocated.


You could take every asn out of the delegated list, and query for each one... just rate-limit the queries (1/min is
ok, I think) and after a few hours you'll have pairs like this:

aut-num: AS1251
owner: Fundacao de Amparo a Pesquisa do Estado de Sao Pau

But I guess that was already your plan B...


For LACNIC the database is available under terms of a specific research-use agreement with LACNIC

I am unsure if the Afrinic data is being made available



nice try, but the data is not entirely consistent :frowning:

LACNIC makes their data available through bulk-whois. But unlike ARIN
and other RIRs their bulk whois data is limited and not as useful because it does not include address & contact information and just organization & network names and resources (basically just what you asked for above!). Unfortunately using this bulk data to generate publicly available list of the resources names would actually violate their service agreement. I'm however investigating possibility of doing single whois queries and then generating full list from these results updated once per day as needed (partially triggered on if net block/asn date has changed based on bulk whois which I think would not violate agreement).

With AFRINIC you're out of luck except by doing single queries (and
redoing every so often to catch any potential changes) as they still
have no bulk whois policy.