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We’ve introduced Cogent network in Equinix Honk Kong DC. But seems via that link we’re just receiving just only 5% of our traffic, other part of incoming traffic is received via our other ISPs like NTT, Simcentrc, and Equinix IXP.
I know it’s very naïve to expect the traffic load balance equally between 3 ISPs (4 if IXP is counted) using just one /24 subnet. According to most of BGP looking glasses in Asia, traffic via Cogent is least preferred even when i’ve added 6x prepend AS on our other mentioned providers to make route via Cogent more attractive. But nothing helps - seems main providers in Asia made routes via Cogent least preferable by lowering the local preference to it, that why prepending from our side doesn’t help.

Maybe someone has experience or similar problems with ISPs in Asia network ?

You need to understand the source of the traffic and those network polices , all the pre-pending will do nothing if it avoids cogent . You might have to look to advertising more or less specific prefixes to get the desired result
I don’t think this is Asia specific issue

This sort of thing in general is not uncommon in my experience. Many networks weight our outbound with local preferences.

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Cogent didn’t peer with NTT and PCCW in Asia so it’s normal if they still prefer local routes. Otherwise the latency might be at least 100ms.

More likely a couple hundred ms. I believe what is being seen is the result of Cogent trying to get established in Asia. They won't pay to peer with the established players, and those players don't want Cogent disrupting their market, so their peering in Asia is rather poor. If you're successful in forcing traffic from networks on NTT or other "Asian service providers" to ingress on your Cogent port, you're not going to like the result, as that traffic will take the scenic route via the west coast US or possibly Europe (twice) before reaching you.

As an NTT customer, perhaps Edvinas should complain to NTT about their lack of peering [in Asia] with Cogent making it difficult to utilize your Cogent port. Of course, that's intentional on NTT's they're unlikely to care about your complaint.