ASCOM Baseband Modem AN6400 : DO you know this product ?

(1) Does any one have any knowledge of this product ?

  ASCOM Baseband Modem AN6400

( Based on second hand information , this may be a unit made by
  Northern Telecom )

There is a NSF sponsored experiment going online in Fiji this week
and this CSU/DSU equivalent is required to connect to a Cisco to
provide Internet connectivity.

The local telco is only able to provide
this unit and I want to know if it will work with a Cisco box

( I am also awaiting response from the Fiji Telco people, but they
  have never done anything like this before )

(2) The unit comes with a X.121 connector. ( as opposed to a V.35 )
    Some other jargon thrown at me was ISO 4903 compliant and X21 bis
    Do we know this by some other name in the US ?

Thanks much


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