Ascend GRF400

The interesting products now are the IP/SONET OC3c card and the OC12 card
that should turn up one day.

They are available, we are using them at the moment and so far not a dropped

The attraction to us for buying this product is the BSDi OS used at the
management controller. We have somewhat unusual requirements, including our
own internal protocol for dynamic routing of dialups, and the availability
of the BSDi environment behind Ascends new CLI makes this one of the few
real routers that works off the shelf.

Indeed, using gated on this box rules.

We currently have one in house, and once some SNMP issues are fixed we will
be able to complete testing and then maybe buy some.

As to who is using them in a production environment, I understand from
colleagues that a recent "supercore" upgrade that PSI did in NY (where we
peer with them) was to roll out one or more GRF's. This is of course
unconfirmed rumour until someone from PSInet speaks up.