Ascend GRF

I've been hearing conflicting stories about the Ascend GRF lately.
Cisco claims that it doesn't really work as advertised in "realistic
networks," but Ascend says this is because Cisco's routers melt down
when the GRF feeds them routing table updates, so the GRF has to be
throttled back to work in a mixed environment.

Does anybody have any real experience here? Any information, pointers,
anecdotes, or wild rumors would help.

I'm using a GRF talking to a CISCO 7K over a DS-3 on ATM using
full BGP4 and route reflection and we've had no problems, other than
Ascends subtle changed to gated which are a little confusing.

The router is quite spectacular, Our backbone is 155M based and
so far the GRF hasn't had a single problem in over 3 weeks of testing.

The only thing that pisses me off about Ascend is that the documentation
could be better.