AS8584 taking over the internet

philip bridge on Thu, 09 Apr 1998 08:36:28 +0100 said:

That is of course laudible. But the point has to be made that AS8584 is in
Israel. In an environment when a small ISP in a small country can cause a
lot of damage to the global Internet, a way has to be found to efficiently
propogate this knowledge far and wide.

And you think that a large ISP in a large country is somehow immune
from human error? I don't think the problem at hand has anything
to do with the size of the ISP or the size of the country they might
reside in.


His point was that some relatively insignifigant site on the net can ruin
things for large portions of the net relatively easily.

It sounds sort of like the egress/ingress filtering argument all over
again. You shouldn't trust your customers...not because they're
malevelant, but just because accidents happen, and if you can contain
them, it makes things better for everyone.