AS690 use of multiple routing registries

How about just doing like all other ISPs do? I.e.
do policy at as-path level w/o the benefit of RADB.
You don't need any new software to do that, and
can do that right tomorrow.

As it is now the ANS's policy to use RADB data to filter
incoming routing updates generates about 60% of our
trouble tickets, which is particularly aggravated by
the fact that in most cases the resolution is completely
outside of our control (like in case of AS 1800).

IMO RADB already created more troubles than it will
ever help to fix. I see no particluar reason for
Sprint to spend any resources on keeping ANS's
exterior routing sane. So do not expect "advisory: AS690"
from us.

Of course, (as ICM _has_ AUP) we can always start
demanding NACRs from ANS. Just to make people who
make decisions there to wake up.