AS690 routing policy changes


The final NSFnet configuration took place on Friday, 4/28. Starting
this week and continuing over the course of the next few weeks,
ANS will be migrating AS690 policy away from NSFnet policy and
toward something new and improved.

There may be some providers at interchange points who are still
using AS 690 peer routers as route servers (e.g., to learn another
provider's routes from us with no extra peering sessions needed).
We expect to eliminate third party routing at interchange points
early this month; this change will not affect connectivity with
ANS, but may affect connectivity between other ASes. Those providers
still in need of a route server should contact the Routing Arbiter
( to set up peering arrangements.

As an import policy aid for peer providers at these interchange
points, I have registered an AS macro object in the RADB. This
macro is recursively defined (from the root identifier of "AS-ANS")
and lists the ASes for which ANS provides transit. It's defined
in such a way as to make "cold potato" routing easy to set up for
those peers to whom we speak at multiple U.S. interchange points;
those providers interested in doing mutual cold potato routing can
send me a note. ANS would like to use corresponding AS macros
registered by other providers to ease such a configuration. Content
of this recursively defined macro can be examined using whois:

whois -h AS-ANS

ANS will update this macro in the RADB as needed. It is expected
to show up in the RADB shortly, though I've included it below.