AS690 advisory update

Since the series message of nearly a month ago did not reach both of
these mailing lists, I'd like to say thank you to Merit for their role
in making this possible. Merit applied a few remaining changes to
radbserver, froze a copy of all of the databases and set up an
radbserver on an alternate port serving this frozen database. This
made it possible for us eliminate any synchronization problem
(fetching the databases at different times) and compare config files
generated using Merit's Solaris servers and our AIX client end and our
own BSDI servers and client end. One remaining small bug in our code
was found and fixed as a result of this, saving outage for a small
number of prefixes. We were able to account for every difference in
what has now grown to 270,000 lines of configs (almost all of the
differences were addition of the routes with no advisories).