AS6762 Looking Glass Down


It seems the looking glass provided on peeringdb for AS6762 is down. Anyone on the list know if there's an alternative link or when it might be back up?


Hi Aaron,

have a look at Looking glass | Sparkle



Seems that do not support IPv6 :-/


Unsure what you are looking for (if it's just a general table view of
Sparkle, or you are looking for a specific router etc) but there are
*some* TI/Sparkle BGP tables (both v4 and v6) on the "super"
looking glass Global Looking Glass - but I never managed to
find/talk to someone at Sparkle to setup direct feeding sessions.

RIPE Atlas can do the traceroute work load in the meantime?

Assuming your target does not have PNIs or other peering with Telicom
Italia domestic network, 3269, you can request RIPE Atlas traceroutes
from there, otherwise AS272864 has atlas probes and seems to be
entirely behind a upstream that is entirely behind TI.

Thanks, all!

Jun 26, 2024 at 5:26 AM by