AS4788 Telecom Malaysia major route leak?

* Job Snijders <> [2015-06-12 13:30]:

Yes, I suspect tons of 3356 / 3549 customers shut down their BGP
sessions waiting for the storm to blow over. I expect more churn then
usual the next 6 ~ 12 hours, due to customers slowly turning session
back on.

Yes. It's nice and stable now.

So after this interesting morning let's hope for a boring weekend. :slight_smile:
Let's wait and see what explanation will be given for this hiccup.



* (Martin Millnert) [Fri 12 Jun 2015, 12:54 CEST]:

Also, possible explanation for why nobody's fixing it: :slight_smile:

Is that tweet for real? How is that company (not TM) still in business?

  -- Niels.

Looks to be edited from their original tweet.