Hi all,

While examining some routing table entries one of my coworkers stubled
upon a number of prefixes which is are somewhat strange (or maybe even
suspicious). The ASN originating these prefixes is AS30424, which is
part of a block of ASN's assigned to ARIN. However, there's no entry in
the ARIN database (or peeringdb, radb, etc) for AS30424.

This ASN originates a number of IPv4 and IPv6 prefixes (,,,,,, and 2001:450:202a::/48).

The IPv6 prefix (no entries in any routing database I checked) is part
of 2001:450::/32, which is assigned to Level3 (AS3549), there's no route
originating from AS3549 for the /32 or /48 though. The only transit for
AS30424 (both IPv4 and IPv6) seems to be Cogent (AS174).

The IPv4 prefixes all have entries in the ARIN database which indicate
that they may be used from multiple ASNs:

OriginAS: AS30424, AS36241, AS33065

The other two ASNs are registerd in the ARIN database to Megatechie.

I'm mostly curious if I'm looking at an administrative error or if
there's something really wrong with AS30424. Anyone have any insights?

Best regards,

AS30424 was assigned to "Super Networks" of Columbia, MD on March 18,
2008. It's possible they didn't pay their ARIN invoice, and they also
didn't renew their domain "", as that has lapsed as well.

Have you tried contacting Megatechie?