Arista Layer3 (Colton Conor)

I can’t comment on the direct comparison of the SLX9540, but we have 8x 7280SR deployed across our network (just migrated off all the Brocades we had) and have had amazing success with them.

The number of informational or “show” commands isn’t as extensive as some of the others that have been around for a while and the output of some of them is a little jarring, but otherwise I have no complaints.

All of my BGP sessions (200-300 IX sessions, 2 transit providers, 28 iBGP) are fully populated in <10 seconds (i know many of your networks are much larger than ours).

As for pricing, I don’t have list, but for the box, memory upgrade, and routing license we paid much less than 100k – Of course the port density

Feel free to reach out directly for more specific information :slight_smile:


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These boxes are available with 3 different FIB options currently…

7280R > 1M route

7280R2 (Jericho+) > 1.3M routes

7280R2K (Jericho+) > 2M routes

On top of the base FIB capabilities, EOS 4.21.3F adds FIB compression and 2-to-1 route compression features that give quite a bit of headroom for the next few years of growth.

As mentioned in other comments, these boxes are very affordable, as significant discounts from list are the norm.

Peter Kranz