Yo Gary...

@Home does not have a /8. Perhaps you should work just a little
bit on your facts...


    Yo Patrick!
    > I do believe you are correct in your implication that @Home does not
    > utilize address space quite as efficiently as most traditional ISPs.
    > However, they are under a greater burden than your traditional ISP. Most
    > of the equipment they were forced to use in the "early days", and possibly
    > a good deal of it today, is not what I would call "optimal". They are
    > forced to allocate /24s to some cable routers no matter how few customers
    > there are on that router. Most do not understand classless IP, or even
    > basic subnetting. Etc., etc.
    If I downgrade my routers, do you think I can use this on my next
    ARIN application? I would have been embarrased to try it even
    when they got their address space.
    > The point is, the people I know at @Home do try very hard to use their IP
    > space within reason. But there are some things they just can not do.
    I have no complaint with the people, I am just jealous.
    BTW, their October 13, 1998 press release says they have 210K users.
    Their /8 has 16,777,216 IP addresses give or take a few hundred
    thousand. Not a bad packing ratio...

Yo CJ!

I was under the impression that although @home was currently allocate
just part of the 24/8 space, that the entire space was RESERVED for
future expansion of @home. Is this not true? Certainly no-one else
is getting space from that block.

In any case, a quick check of DejaNews shows that Nanog had this
same exact discussion on March 13, 1996, so how about we drop it
and just re-read the old messages?