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Option 3. Invoice them for services. Send a demand letter for services rendered, and tell them to refrain from further relaying until payment terms are arranged. Send the letter certified return receipt to the corporate agent. If the services rendered exceed $5000, report the act to the FBI. To make an effective criminal complaint that can be prosecuted, you need to make efforts to collect the money. After the demand letter, engage a lawyer to sue them, or a collection agency to collect the money.

Before ORBS and the antispammers started inciting attacks this summer, spammers did not find our service. Anyone that runs an active probe service on a leased line would be discovered, and shutdown. You aren't going to probe much of the internet on a dialin line. We know how to stop people on static IP addresses.

Criminal relaying depends on a service like ORBS to collect and disseminate information on where to find a relay.

This is why we ask all operators to block traffic to ORBS, which has recently changed addresses to We had blocked 202.36.148/24. I just noticed they changed IP addresses to avoid filters. These are our new filters:

access-list 104 deny ip any
access-list 104 deny ip any

Slippery. But these two /24's appears to be all that is swipped to them.

I want to offer my heartfelt thanks to all operators who have blocked them so far. This holiday weekend has certainly been better.


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