ARIN Whois Update

Effective Sunday, March 8, 1998 all ARIN Point of Contact (POC) handles
will have a -ARIN extension. This is being done to differentiate between
the various registry handles.

All POC handles currently listed in the ARIN database will have the
-ARIN extension added to them and newly created ARIN handles will
include -ARIN.

Searching for POC handles in ARIN's Whois requires the addition of the
-ARIN extension to the handle, e.g., JS1-ARIN. Handle queries that do
not use the -ARIN extention will result in a "no matches found".

When submitting templates to ARIN please include the -ARIN extension
when listing a pre-existing POC handle.


Kim Hubbard
American Registry for Internet Numbers

Hello All, This -really- hinders the use of '.' in a
  query IE:

  whois -h "net nwrain."

  or even

  whois -h "net nwrain-arin."
  Especially since IT DOESN'T EXIST.

  What form of Regexp is being implimented for these Queries ?

        Tia, NOC (JimL)