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Dean sez:
All the questions can probably be answered by noting that ARIN is a
non-profit arm of NSI.

this is not true


"17. What are the roles of Network Solutions and the InterNIC?

NSI�s role is to sponsor ARIN, providing assistance to its establishment
and providing initial support of ARIN until ARIN is self-funding. Once this
is achieved, there will be no ties--financial, management or other--between
the two organizations. ARIN will be an independent, non-profit organization
responding to its membership. "

Since it is not yet self-funding, what, exactly, part is untrue of my

Mr. Spammer, meet Mr. Mallet...

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All of it. While it is still an "arm" of NSI, it is not a non-profit. At
some point it will become independent and non-profit. At which point it
will not be an arm of the NSI. At no time will it ever be a "non-profit
arm of the NSI".


I don't claim to have the definitive answer but this FAQ was written when
the plan was for NSI to donate a pile of money to finance the first year
of ARIN operations. But I believe that this plan fell through and this
financing never happened. Even if it had happened, ARIN is an independent
non-profit corporation meaning that there are no shareholders other than
the members therefore there is no outside control like you find in the
corporate world.