ARIN Services

ARIN's external services will be unavailable due to routine maintenance on
Sunday April 19, 1998 from 12 noon through 4pm US/EDT. This means there
will be no access to
during this time frame. All services will be restored as early as
possible. Questions or concerns should be addressed to <>.
                                         -Anne Louise Gockel
                                         ARIN Technical Support

So are we to now assume that whois is no longer a critical resource?
Here's hoping that there aren't any network problems during those 4 hours
where we actually need to be able to track the problem back to its original

I'd really like to know why this is occuring, why there isn't going to be
an offiste backup in place since this is a planned outage, or better yet,
why there isn't a permanent offsite backup facility.

Justin "Just a paying member" Newton

I would think at the very least, this 4 hours could be over night rather
than the middle of the day.