ARIN-NONAUTH IRR final retirement set for 31 March 2022 (was: ARIN-NONAUTH data ARIN-NONAUTH dataFwd: [ARIN-consult] ACSP Consultation 2021.1: Future of ARIN’s Unauthenticated IRR is now Closed)

NANOGers -
FYI - Outcome of the community consultation on the Future of ARIN’s Unauthenticated IRR.

John Curran
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers

Dear John,

Thank you for extending the deadline with another 6 months. Obviously 6
months amidst a global pandamic would never be enough time. :slight_smile:

Both John Sweeting [1] and myself [2] assert there are tens of thousands
of objects for which the relationship between the object's existence and
the state of related routes in the BGP default-free zone routing are not
fully understood.

It appears ARIN has choosen to ignore a specific community suggestion:
please first prove ARIN can manage cleanup of a select few objects,
before proceeding to deprecate the entire ARIN-NONAUTH database.

I'm not convinced mere 'community outreach' is an appropriate and
substantive response to the anteriority of 'Legacy Holders' who might
depend on both ARIN's reverse DNS service and ARIN's (Non Authoritative)
IRR service.

I personally would like to see ARIN postpone any decision on whether to
sunset the ARIN-NONAUTH database in favor of first applying
community-recognised object clean-up mechanisms, and then based on the
'lessons learned' from such a cleanup process, inform future go/no-go

Can you share with me what the process would be to appeal the decision
made here and how course can changed?

Kind regards,


[1]: [ARIN-consult] Reminder - Consultation on the Future of ARIN’s Unauthenticated IRR Closes 8 March
[2]: [ARIN-consult] Consultation Now Open on the Future of ARIN’s IRR

Job -

You suggest "ARIN can manage cleanup of a select few objects” but alas, responsibility for proper routing entry hygiene lies with the individual parties that have placed information in the routing registry.

Decisions on ARIN services are ultimately under the authority of the ARIN Board of Trustees, who are the elected representatives of the ARIN membership. More information on the ARIN Board of Trustees may be found here -


John Curran
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers

Hi John,

It seems that you are trying to abdicate responsibility, but at the end of the day those individual parties are placing information in “better” routing registries such as RPKI that you can leverage to clean up the “lesser” ARIN-NONAUTH routing registry. So those individuals are taking their responsibility, and I am wondering - when will ARIN start taking their cue?

Martin -

ARIN has already taken responsibility by making available authenticated IRR and PRKI services as sought by the community, and I concur that individual parties are also taking responsibility by placing their routing information in these and similar services.

ARIN will encourage such migration, but the responsibility ultimately lies with those with the data in the unauthenticated IRR system.


John Curran
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers