ARIN IPV4 Countdown

On 7/14/15, 11:16 PM, "NANOG on behalf of Randy Bush"

While the base curve it runs on is running ahead of the measured traffic
curve, the measure of IPv6 enabled browsers is a reasonable indicator
what is happening.

we're an isp, with ipv6 enabled since 1997. we measure real traffic,
not wishes of what could be.

I don¹t know how much of your traffic is IPv6, but ³10% by the time we
retire² sure looks like a prediction. If it¹s number of users, that¹s well
above 10%. IPv6 support in a couple of video streaming devices would push
it well past that.

I hope you¹re right about retiring at 10%‹it would be great to have the
resources to retire this year.