arin ip request info

Can someone please send me a copy of your arin request for additional IP
space? We have filled our initial ISP allocation, and we want to follow
the proper procedure for the least delay. I figure if I see someone's
request that has successfully requested more space, then I will have the
least delays in the allocation process.

Also, no, I don't want to buy your /16, go away. :slight_smile:


Steve Rude

I don't have one I can show you, but a couple words:
The first one is definitely the hardest justification

Make sure you've already got your POCs for your ORG-ID, and you use those for the NET-ISP
(if you don't there is another template you must fill out: ORG-detail)

If you aren't listing a bunch of SWIPs or a ton of URLs you host, you had better give a good description of your business model--and be prepared to answer questions (each with a 2-3 day turn around).

If you're getting your first /20 portable, you must state that will begin migrating your existing /21 (s) back to the ISP in a "timely" manner.

If you really get stuck, or you don't fully understand their reply questions, give them a call; they're tough on granting, but they are there to help.


Steve Rude( 12:26:

Hello Steve,

We would be glad to assist you in your preparation
of a request for additional IP address space. You
may call our Registration Services Help Desk at
(703)227-0660 or send email to

Best Regards,

Richard Jimmerson
Director of Operations
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

Since these things are typically full of private or at least semi-private
info, I'll be surprised if anyone sends you a real one.

Having gone through it several times though, I'll say all you need is to
fill out and add in some
additional info/detail they want but don't ask for in the template. See, the part under ISP Additional
Requests. i.e. for non-swip'd space, they want details...not just a count
of "we're using x hundred IPs for web sites, X thousand for dial-up ports,
etc.", but "we're using x hundred IPs for the following web sites [list of
urls/domains], Y hundred IPs for Y hundred dial-up ports in city A, ..."

For good measure, any IP block (swip'd or not) >=/24, give them details
as to what it's being used for, how many IPs are currently in use, etc.

If you don't follow these two pieces of advice, I'll bet someone lunch
that they'll reply to your template asking for more info (which will slow
the process). Also, though you probably took way longer than 3 months to
use up your initial allocation, don't bother asking for more than you
reasonably think you'll use in 3 months unless that would be smaller than
/20 (I think that's the minimun block size ARIN will give you).

Other things:

You have undoubtedly SWIPed all of your space, or can account for it. If
not, do it now. Also, be prepared for ARIN to ask you for the
justification for some of that SWIPed space. They are usually pretty
reasonable if you have really used a /21 and need more space. If this is a
pie in the sky or "design" proposal, be prepared to produce some legal
documentation, not just a visio or two. ARIN is quite speedy, if you have
done your homework. Also, do not be afraid to call. It won't hurt your
chances, and they are quite open on the phone.

- Dan