ARIN Difficulties

Who do you go to, when you've spent a year detailing everything ARIN wants
when you ask for address space, then they decide to flush an installed and
operating $2B business plan "just because".

You hire a consultant who is intelligent enough to know how to negotiate
without hanging out your dirty linen on a public mailing list.

Anyone who has 2 billion dollars and cannot justify portable address space
has a screw loose somewhere. Last time I was involved in a startup that
applied for address space we managed to justify it at around the same time
our spending had reached 1 million dollars.

It's not about your budget, or your plans. It's all about "What have you
done, and how fast have you used the /19 your provider gave you."

This is one of the few places in the world where millionares and bag
ladies get treated equally (poorly).

Greg U

And when both millionaires and bag ladies cry "foul" I am happy that
ARIN are most likely doing the right job. They will never do right in
the eyes of their "customers" regardless of how hard or not they work.


Well I have to say that we applied for space from Arin in November and the
entire process took less than a month and was very simple. We got our info
together, sent it in, they replied with a need for more specific details on
certain things, we gave it to them and sent them a check and voila! We have
our IP space...


ARIN bases their policy upon input from their membership, or so
I am led to believe by their staff. They didn't just arbitrarily pick /19
(/20 currently) as being cutoff. In addition, they have no say in what makes
space routable. That is set semi-arbitrarily by your (or someone else's) NSP.
  As noted in an earlier post, there will be a public policy meeting
for ARIN in October. If you don't like current policy come express your