ARIN co-located nameserver problem

But if he hasn't been SWIP'd the address for his server, then ARIN won't
let him assign his machine as a nameserver for inverse mapping. This might
be the case if he just buys a machine and colocates it somewhere else.

There is no reason to assume that management of the server also implies
management of the address (address space) used by the server. (or vice
versa). Whats important is that you manage the machine, and the address
space whose in-addr zone you plan to service.

Basically, I think one is trying to prevent lame delegations, and manage
address space so that one can find out who is authoritative for it. I
think there are two pieces of information that are necessary:

1) responsibility for the address space whose in-addr zone is to be serviced.
  Indicated by the address space coordinator

2) responsibility for the server that is to provide DNS service.
  Indicated by the name/handle of the server and the host coordinator.

ARIN has inserted a third requirement, that I think is probably unnecessary:

3) responsibility for the address space which includes the address of the

The third requirement only works for those that put nameservers in their
own address space, and doesn't seem to add anything to the goals of
preventing lame delegations or address space coordination.