ARIN co-located nameserver problem

We are having a problem getting ARIN to do a nameserver change. We are
consolidating nameservers for a new customer, and want to make our
nameservers authoritative for the in-addr maps.

We have a nameserver co-located at Empire Net in Nashua, NH. We do this
because we don't want to have nameservice fail if our own internet
connection goes down. Needless to say, isn't responsible for
our address space, nor our domains, nor the management of this machine.
The machine at is currently authoritative for in-addr zones for
other address space, and changing nameserver IP addresses previously has
not been problematic.

ARIN is now enforcing a policy of registering nameservers by IP address
instead of by name as Internic and other registeries do (and did prior to

ARIN says that the IP address of the nameserver does not
belong to us (it belongs to therefore they can't put
through a change to our inverse map for address space that we are
coordinator of. We only have one address for one colocated machine. ARIN
says it (one IP address) must be SWIP'ed to us before the changes will be
allowed. ?!?

This hasn't been a problem until now apparently because ARIN never
previously enforced this policy.

So, does anyone else have a similar situation where nameservers are
colocated somewhere else? I'm pretty sure this is the case, so this is a
heads up that you will have problems with updating IN-ADDR info.

What about this policy of ARIN's--Do people think ARIN should be
registering nameservers by name or by IP address? To make this work in
general, one would need to SWIP single IP addresses.


There was a discussion about what should be SWIP'd in Seattle and it
seemed that the conclusion was that SWIP policy should not be based on
block size. Instead it should be based upon whether or not network
operators need to know who is responsible for the network using that
block. Presumably in this case, you are responsible for that nameserver
and therefore the /32 should be SWIP'd to you. This does not mean that all
/32 assignments should be SWIP'd, just the occasional special ones like a
nameserver located on someone else's network.

That makes no sense.

It's really not ARIN's business what address space a nameserver lives on.

ARIN should be attaching IN-ADDR records to a NIC handle, and the owner of that NIC handle should be able to change the host's name and IP address inside that NIC whatever they want.

It's really not ARIN's business what address space a nameserver lives on.

arin is delegating. a delegator has the obligation to the community to see
that the delegatee's nameservice is correctly done.



The authoritative answer for a zone, and request from the contact to change
the delegation to the new server (which returns authority) is IT.

Anything else isn't "responsibility" - it is punitive and potentially a lot
of other things I'd rather not say.