Are you lame? :)

Hello, NANOGers.

I recently came across a web site belonging to Justin McNutt that lists
all of the lame delegations his name servers have detected. This is a
great way to share some clue and keep track of errant domains. I have
received his kind permission to mimic his efforts using data collected
from three of my name servers. I will update this page weekly, and you
will find it here:

Justin's page is available here:

The DNS root name server statistics are still available, and have moved

My thanks to the authors of the script, which I modified to
suit my purposes. Comments and feedback are always welcome!


Speaking as the current maintainer of the lamers script, I welcome your modifications.

  Moreover, this gives me an excellent opportunity to start discussion of an idea I've had bouncing around in my head for quite some time -- I've always wanted to do an enhanced centralized version of lamers, one where people all over the world send raw summarized data to a central address, where all this information is put together and then checked.

  Indeed, I even own a domain name that could be very well suited to hosting something like this, and I'm in the process of moving it to a system where I've got complete control of the virtual machine, and should be able to run suitable scripts to process these sorts of things.

  What do you think? Would you folks be interested in helping me to create this centralized lamers process? If I could give you a script that you could run on a nightly or weekly basis and would send me the data, would you be willing to do so?