Are the Route Servers Viable Solutions That Are Being Held Hostage?


] yet. Nsf is spending $10 million a year on the 2 RA coop
] agreements....right? seems like they should be getting something more
] useful for the money than so far has been the case.

  Yesterday I wandered into Radio Shack in my festive holiday
  wanderings, and happened upon a small man wearing a name tag that
  said "Bud".

  I asked Bud, "Bud, will your I/R to RF transcievers send data at
  greater than 2.4kps?".
  "No", replied Bud.

  "And will your I/R to RF transcievers send data bidirectionally?"
  I asked Bud.

  "No", replied Bud.

  And while no money changed hands, I would gladly have paid to
  learn that this was technology I could not use.


Yes, but I think that is just the Radio Shack answer. I ask "Do you have
a 7404 hex inverter" Radio Shack guy "No", well "well what is this then"
I say when I show him a stack of 7404's he has on his shelf.

Radio (oh we don't have that, well why is it on your shelf) Shack. :slight_smile:

Nathan Stratton CEO, NetRail, Inc. Your Gateway to the World!

In the 1970's, few seemed to care about the environmental problems
caused by population growth. However, some insightful folks anticipated
the problems and began to work on solutions for the impending doom.

These folks created and operated a recycling outfit and made it easy for
the population to do the right thing: recycle. Still, some folks were
downright insistent that *they* weren't going to recycle, and that they
were going to throw newspaper in the trash and old oil down the sewer.
Eventually, these folks were not allow to dump their waste in the community
landfill and were force to sit in their own stink.

Appropo of nothing. Just a story I remember hearing as a kid.