Are botnets relevant to NANOG?

I think the numbers speak for themselves.

- ferg

Some people need whatever bandwidth they can get for ranting.
Of course routing reports, virus reports and botnet bgp statistics
take away a lot of valuable bandwidth that could otherwise be used
for nagging. On the other hand without Gadi's howling for the
wolves those wolves might be lost species and without the wolves
all the nagging and ranting would make less fun.

lets see, should we be concerned? here are a few interesting tables, the
cnt column is new IP addresses we have seen in the last 5 days. The
first table is Tier-2 ASNs as classified by Fontas's ASN Taxonomy paper
[1] The second table is Universities. The ASN concerned are just in the
announced by orgs in USA as to imply that they should be on NANOG.

Let me say it again the counts are NEW observations in the last 5 days.
also note I'm not Gati, and I've got much more data on everyones networks.


New compromised unique IP addresses (last 5 days) Tier-2 ASN