Architectural Solutions to Internet Congestion Based On SS7 and Intelligent Network Capabilities

k claffy wrote:

my favorite part was one of their possible solutions
for how to divert circuit calls to ISPs based on some
numbering scheme:

  to obtain all ISP and on-line service provider
  (OSP) telephone numbers, and configure office-based
  'triggers' for these numbers.

oh yeah. that'll work.
all the phone numbers of all the ISPs. yum.

Roaming alliances don't seem to have a problem maintaining and distributing a
large number of POP dialups.

i just don't see what's so repulsive to them about
just building a PSI(nternet)N, colocating routers,
then using the already dedicated circuits to
customer premises to access it.
(i guess that's what @home thought too;
they seem to have at least gotten that part right)

It's not repulsive. It's called digital subscriber line and is being done
today. Sounds like they aren't placing all their eggs in one basket (be it
DSL, AO/DI, pre-switch or post-switch off-loading). Wise souls.