Arbor Networks DoS defense product

What if you are portscanned repeatedly by a network and that network
refuses to shut down their scanners even after being asked many times
(eg, rogue chinese and korean networks)

I think that you should leave network policy up to the service provider to


So it's stupid. Or hostile. Certainly no more stupid (or hostile) than
sending out millions of spams, or being the source of thousands of
portscans/intrusion attempts, and refusing to take responsibility.

Bottom line: network policy is the responsibility of the network operator. If
he/she does something that causes bad repercussions (financially), he/she
will probably be job hunting. Otherwise, if it's not your network, you really
don't have much of a say about how it's run, do you?

(If it were otherwise, large sections of APNIC would have been cleaned up
long ago by those on the receiving end of portscans and spam.)