APRICOT 2006 withdrawn from Bangalore, India - moves to Perth

(apologies for duplicates)

Dear Colleagues,

Due to unforeseen circumstances the APIA Board has reluctantly agreed to
set aside the award of APRICOT to Bangalore, India for 2006.

APRICOT 2006 now will be held in Perth, Australia from Wednesday 22nd
February to Friday 3rd March 2006. The host organisation for APRICOT
2006 will be the Western Australian Internet Association (WAIA), the
runner up bid for APRICOT 2006. The venue will be the Perth Convention
and Exhibition Centre.

More information will be on the website for APRICOT 2006,
www.2006.apricot.net, which will be available shortly.

best wishes!

Philip Smith
Secretary, APIA Board