APRICOT 2004 : Speakers for Peering and Internet Exchange Track

Hi all -

You may have heard that there will be a new one-day track on Peering and Internet Exchanges at the upcoming APRICOT in Kuala Lumpur in February. I'd like to describe the track in brief and solicit a few more Peering Coordinators / Network Architects / Network Engineers as speakers for the track. (See http://www.apricot2004.net/ for information on the broader APRICOT 2004 conference).

This Peering and Internet Exchange Track is intended to facilitate regional ISP Peering by providing a forum for Peering Coordinators to meet each other and share information about Asia Pacific peering. We will facilitate this with several panels, each one focused on peering in a particular country. If you are a Peering Coordinator with experience peering in the AP Region, please send me an e-mail answering the questions below. I will use this information to match panelists together into panels focused on certain AP countries.



--------------------------- Speaker Questionnaire