Apple updates - Akamai effect

Baskett, Andrew wrote:

Hi J,

As Patrick mentioned, on-net private Akamai clusters should not be serving
out of your network unless you desire them to or there is a configuration

There is a small caveat; we direct users by which DNS they use and not by
end user IP address. So if a user has switched ISPs and not updated their
DNS, they could still be directed to the previous ISP's on-net cluster.
Of course, this would be viewed as serving offnet but usually makes up a
very small % of traffic (think <1%)

Unfortunately, Akamai has no control over this aspect but ISPs have a few
options to mitigate it.

If you can let me know more info about what you are seeing, we would be
happy to investigate & help further.


Andrew Baskett
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Actually, I've already been talking to you somewhat about our upgrades in
the area, I believe.

I'm mostly curious about what the user impact is on the cluster and link
upgrades in terms of experience when that happens. This seems to be a
common progression, so I'm curious ahead of time.