Apple iMessage


Is anyone having trouble with apples iMessage service? A friend and I are
in Wisconsin and Illinois respectfully and messages via iMessage are taking
up to several minutes to send. I am using a 4s on iOS 5 and my friend is
using a 3GS.


I'm having issues as well on my iPhone 5. (Wi)

I'm experiencing the same issue.

Chris Ferguson
Systems and Network Administrator | NEPC, LLC

Issues in FL as well.

Having same issues in Los Angeles.
iMessages are failing.

In canada. Same issue now imessage activation failing.

Issues in Northern Virginia as well..

Down in Colorado as well.

Correct, down in Ohio.

-Ben Brown

Seeing the same thing here in Edmonton AB.

It came back for me.. was doing txt messages between iPhones but now iMessage but delayed.

Still out for me in MA and a friend in IL


not only issues, but getting messages that were either not directed to me
or delivered weeks late, my girlfriend downstairs just got a text from me
that i didnt sent, said it was sent at 10am this morning, but i never sent
her a message at that time or a message ever in a sentence the way it was

Issues as well in Pittsburgh, PA